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My paintings are sumi ink and gouache on paper or acrylic paint on canvas. I paint landscapes and buildings in the Northwest and recently, still life in the Southwest. I like painting a silhouette in black on the white paper or abstract multi-color background on canvas in acrylic paint. I use a calligraphy brush and black ink to create my silhouette on paper, creating a detailed edge to the shapes I am illustrating. I start on location and outdoors.  I do not use a camera for assistance. I do use a sketchbook to note color.  Later in the studio I define the shapes using a printmakers brayer and color gouache. I roll the gouache paint on top of the black ink. The color creates a 3 dimensional appearance to the flat surface. Acrylic paintings are derived from my paper paintings, sometimes closely following the image and sometimes only parts will be used or changed. 






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